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Fabito Gómez is a photographer originally from Bogotá, Colombia.

Fabito Gómez’s arrival in the audiovisual sphere took place upon having produced several music videos, a format that grabbed his attention due to the obvious connections to the scope of creation and image conceptualization. Not long after that, he became aware of the countless narrative and creative possibilities of photography, a circumstance that led him to study and assimilate the different technical aspects of the medium, it was at that particular moment when he decided to work as a professional photographer. In order to define his own style and put together a portfolio, Fabito embarked on a series of journeys that took him far away from Colombia, the place where he was born. His photographic work received a warm reception in several countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and the United States, giving him the possibility to establish important partnerships with artists, models, designers and agencies involved in the world of fashion. The knowledge gained throughout this process gave him the aesthetic tools necessary to enhance and shape his own particular style as a photographer.

His photographs have appeared in important publications from Los Angeles (Astound Magazine), New York (Ellements Magazine), Mexico (Cosmopolitan and Playboy) and the Miami based Univisión network. His images have a flawless control of light and a constant visual language concern put at the service of the design of a look-book, or the development of advertising campaigns and fashion editorials.

Fabito Gómez’s current center of activity is focused in Latin America, Europe and the United States; the concentration of his activity in these three markets has given him access to a new line of clients and the visibility that his commercial photographic work and fashion editorials require. His line of work has proven itself highly capable of communicating the distinctive characteristics of the brands through the implementation of contemporary concepts during the creation of high-quality images. 




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