—  Chronological compendium of clients and contributions to printed media.  


Commercial Clients

—  Client work published by year, online and in print


Selected Publications


ESPRIT, Colombia

EDC, Colombia

Entreaguas, Colombia

Playboy, Mexico

Cosmopolitan, Mexico

Do Jeans, Colombia

Fiara Jeans, Colombia


Playboy, October, Mexico

Playboy, May, Mexico

Ellements Magazine, Apr, United States

Cosmopolitan , Feb, Center America

Cosmopolitan , Jan, Mexico


Univision, United States

Signos Jeans, Colombia

Belamhila, Colombia

Kina Duality, Colombia


Maxim, Colombia

Cosmopolitan, Dec, Mexico

Ellements Magazine, Dec, United States

Cosmopolitan, Nov, Mexico

Astound Magazine, Sep, United States

Ellements Magazine, Aug, United States

Ellements Magazine, Jun, United States

Borealis Magazine, May, United States

Estela Magazine, Apr, United States

Ellements Magazine, Feb, United States


Kalamarie Handbags, United States

Ishani, Mexico

Soul Intimates, Colombia

Siluet Shapewear, Colombia

Opio, Colombia



Ellements Magazine, Oct, United States

Elegant Magazine, Sep, 

Elegant Magazine, Aug, 

Ellements Magazine, Jul, United States

Astound Magazine, Jul, United States

Ellements Magazine, Jun, United States

Astound Magazine, Jun, United States

Astound Magazine, May, United States

Astound Magazine, Feb, United States